Guaranteed Expert Picks from Professional Handicappers

When you purchase picks from Pro Wagering’s Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! Handicappers, your focus is winning. Your time is valuable, and so is your money. Let the Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! handicappers at Pro Wagering help put you on the right games and guide your wealth this season.

How it Works

For example, let’s say one of our handicappers has a pick for sale to bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to win today’s game, another has a pick for sale to bet on the Dallas Cowboys to win today’s game, and another has a pick for sale to bet on the Los Angeles Rams to win today’s game.  You can buy each expert’s pick, and if the bets were all correct and you win money, then you would pay for all three picks.  If one was a loser, then you don’t have to pay for that pick and you’ll be charged for the other two. If two are losers, you don’t have to pay at all. Plus, you’ll only be charged once the game results are in for the week! Here are two more examples of how it works:

Example 1
Match Up Team to Win Cost Result
Chi Cubs VS Cincinnati Chi Cubs $5.00 Chi Cubs 1Cincinnati 3
Detroit VS Seattle Detroit $9.00 Detroit 4Seattle 3
LA Angels VS Oakland LA Angels $5.00 LA Angels 4Oakland 5
Arizona VS Milwaukee Arizona $9.00 Arizona 5Milwaukee 6
Tampa Bay VS Boston Tampa Bay $5.00 Tampa Bay 3Boston 4
NY Yankees VS Texas Yankees $5.00 NY Yankees 3Texas 1
Total $14.00
Example 2
Match Up Team to Win Cost Result
Chiefs VS Buccaneers Buccaneers $5.00 Chiefs 41Buccaneers 31
Broncos VS Raiders Raiders $9.00 Broncos 23Raiders 32
Bears VS Giants Giants $5.00 Bears 12Giants 20
Patriots VS Packers Packers $9.00 Patriots 24Packers 27
Commanders VS Cowboys Cowboys $5.00 Commanders 10Cowboys 25
Jaguars VS Eagles Eagles $5.00 Jaguars 21Eagles 29
Total $28.00

Pro Wagering ( pledges you’ll never pay for a losing sports betting pick purchased with our Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! service. If a prediction does not result in a win, then your member account not be changed for the total amount of the pick purchased with your credit line. This means that a game that results in a loss or push will automatically trigger our system to remove the charge from your account. The full amount of each loosing pick will be made available on your credit line once the game has been graded so you can use the amount on your credit line to purchase future sports picks. Game grading will be prompted by our feeds, which means that you should have the credit line amount deposited back to your account within 24 hours from the end of the game for any picks that fail to cover the line.

Our Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! sports betting picks are another reason Pro Wagering is the number one choice for safe, secure, and hassle-free sports betting information. Now it’s time for you to find the right sports pick solution for you!

How Payments Work

All new accounts at Pro Wagering are granted a $100 credit line that can be used for making Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! sports picks. Review the available games, add a single pick to the cart, and checkout using your credit line. Repeat as many times as you like each week until you’ve reached your credit line limit. Use the information purchased to place your bets with your preferred outlet. Each Wednesday, we roll up your wins and losses for the week and bill you only for the winners! Pay your bill promptly to restore your credit line so you can purchase the new week’s picks.

When you purchase our Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! expert picks, our system automatically removes the charge from your account if the pick results in a loss or push. Our goal is to provide you with winning advice; you only pay when you win.

Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! helps you bet confidently.

How to Get a Refund For Losing Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! Picks

Simple. You’ll never be charged for losing picks with Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! If the pick does not cover the spread, your account will not be charged for the pick. The credit line amount you used to purchase the pick will be restored so you can use it for future picks.

Note: Not all Don’t Win? Don’t Pay! handicappers charge the same price for their handicapping services. You will receive charges and credit line restoration in your account for the amount of the individual pick to use for future purchases.

Don’t waste another minute and sign up or log in to your account and start winning today!

What sports do you have available?

Our Pro’s have picks in the NFL, Ncaa Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, NHL, Cricket, Tennis, MMA, and Soccer.

What’s it cost to sign up?

Nothing.  It’s completely free.

How are the games scored?

Our software grades the games as win, or loss an hour after the game ends.  You don’t have to grade games by yourself.

Can your “Pro’s” charge me for huge favorites?

Our handicappers can never give you a play that’s larger than a -300 favorite.

How expensive can plays be?

Our Pros will never charge more than $20 for any play and never less than $5 for any play.

When do I pay my bill after a winning week of purchased plays?

During football season, the following Tuesday.  Outside of football season, every Monday.

Where do my plays show up?

You can access your purchase history on the My Account page.

How am I notified when a play is posted?

You’ll be notified by e-mail.

When can I start?

Whenever you want, early season, late season, middle of the season.