Golf Betting Guide

Golf Betting Guide by Simon Holden

Where You Can Legally Bet on Golf Online in the US

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

How to Bet on Golf Online

You can bet golf online through all common Sportsbooks. Nearly all Sportsbooks will offer golf odds and prices. Utilize Pro Wagering Sports bettors toolbox to remain confident in the golf wagers you place. Most golf betting interest is in the 4 Major Championships and other significant events. But for most weeks of the year, a PGA Tour event can also be wagered on.

Most Common Golf Betting Types

With up to 140 players entering an event, golf betting can seem like a bewildering and confusing sport to bet on. It can, however, be easily broken down into the main betting types and then you will soon feel confident in placing your wagers.

  • Win Bets – The simplest and most popular wager, you pick your player and take a price on him to beat the whole field. Most sportsbooks will offer odds from Monday to right up until the start of play on Thursday.
  • Each Way – This is a more European style of betting on golf that is becoming more popular on this side of the Atlantic. Given the large fields, Sportsbooks will offer a win and place bet so if you have $10 Each Way your wager will be $20 in total. $10 will be a straight win, and $10 will be a place bet. That will be ¼ odds of your win price, and you will receive that as a winner if your player finishes 2nd to 5th. This is becoming more and more popular as you can win well with a top 5 finish.
  • Head to Head aka Golf Matchups – This is a hugely popular bet where Sportsbooks match up two players with similar prices in the outright market. You then take your pick and have to beat the other players’ score to win. Many Golf bettors play multiple matchups in Parlays.

Other Popular Golf Bets are

  • Player to Make the Cut
  • First Round Leader
  • Top Nationality, e.g., Top Australian
  • In Play- The odds will change at the end of each day so you can still get involved up until Sunday afternoon online.

Golf Betting Metrics to Know

If you take Golf Betting seriously, you should pay attention to key stats. These are available online for free at, for instance, Golf courses are different; some favor big hitters, and others favor better putters. Here are the key stats to follow:

  • Strokes Gained Approaching the Tee
  • Driving Distance
  • Driving Accuracy
  • Scrambling (getting up and down around the green )
  • Cuts Made
  • Total Putting distances

Golf Betting Strategies

  • Follow trends – Golfers are creatures of habit. Look at course form; players who have played well here before are likely to do it again.
  • Strong Recent Form – Who comes here in form is a huge pointer
  • Course Type Form – Is it a long brutal course? Is a short course usually won with a low score that can turn into a putting contest? Look for players who contend in the conditions.
  • Follow Player on Social Media- Who is confident? Who is struggling? For match-up bets, little extra knowledge can be vital.

Most Common Golf Betting Mistakes

  • Too Many Bets – With so many markets and players, it is tempting to place too many wagers. Fight that urge and remember quality over quantity.
  • Short-Term Approach – Golf is a sport where big jackpot ones can be won, but there may be long spells between drinks! Golf bettors must stay on the train and hold their nerve.
  • Concentrating on the Top Stars- Even the best players in the World do not win very often, and often bigger value can be found with the lesser known players at much higher prices. Finding value is key to making long-term profits, which can often be found at higher prices, not concentrating on household names.

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