Soccer Betting Guide

Where You Can Legally Bet on Soccer Online in the US

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How to Bet on Soccer Online

Nearly all Sportsbooks will offer soccer odds and prices. Most interest for betting Soccer is in the UK Premier League and other big events like the World Cup. 52 weeks of the year there will be Soccer games to wager on.

  1. Create an online account with a Sportsbook. Our recommended Sportsbook is BETUS – Click link here or use Promocode “Prowagering” to get 125% match on your first deposit
  2. Fund your account
  3. Find “Soccer” and click
  4. Find the game you want under “Soccer”
  5. Decide what you want to bet
  6. Enter the amount you want to bet
  7. Add to your bet slip
  8. Confirm your bet slip and place your wager

Most Common Soccer Betting Types

  • Moneyline- Moneyline is the most popular type of soccer bet where you bet either team to win on a fixed price money line.
  • Asian Handicap – Asian handicap betting is a form of betting on soccer in which teams are handicapped according to their form so that a stronger team must win by more goals for a bet on them to win. The system originated in Indonesia and has gained popularity in the early 21st century. It is a form of spread betting. This is becoming more popular in the USA as a smarter way to bet on soccer.
  • Over/ Under- Betting over or under is where a market is set, for example, Over 2.5 goals in a game and a price is offered. In this case if 3 or more goals are scored you win. If less than 3 are scored you lose.
  • Parlays
  • Prop Bets – Top scorer, First Scorer, most corners soccer is perfect for prop bets.

Soccer Betting Metrics to Know

  • Recent Form
  • Home Form
  • Away Form
  • Form Against top League Sides
  • Form Against Lower League Sides
  • Average Goals Scored
  • Goals per game
  • Shots on goal
  • Possession Percentage
  • Pass completion rate
  • Yellow and red cards
  • Corner kicks
  • Fouls
  • Offsides
  • Clean sheets
  • Win-loss-draw record
  • Head-to-head record
  • Home and away record
  • Recent form
  • Injuries and suspensions
  • Referee statistics
  • Expected Goals (xG)
  • Advanced statistics such as xG Chain and xG build up.
  • Efficiency in attack and defense.
  • Goal differential
  • League table position.

Soccer Betting Strategies

  • Bet the Double Result is the best defensive Soccer Strategy for slowly building profits. You wager a team not to get beat so the win or the draw makes you profit.
  • Draw No Bet – Another defensive strategy for slow and steady profit growth. Place a wager on a team to win and if it is a draw all stakes are returned.
  • BTTS- Both teams to score. This is easier to predict than which team will win. If you think it is likely to be an attacking game bet both teams to score.
  • Researching teams and players
  • Keeping track of injuries
  • Analyzing home and away records
  • Paying attention to recent form
  • Considering weather conditions
  • Using a betting strategy
  • Managing bankroll
  • Shopping for the best lines
  • Following expert picks
  • Handicapping games
  • Considering the referee
  • Using statistics and metrics
  • Betting on value
  • Betting with a long-term perspective
  • Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions
  • Utilizing live betting
    Focusing on specific leagues or tournaments
    Specializing in a specific type of bet
    Being disciplined and avoiding impulsive bets
    Staying up to date on news and developments in the soccer world.

Most Common Soccer Betting Mistakes

  • Going for Jackpot Plays instead of slow and steady profits
  • Not having a big enough betting bank and over staking
  • Not having a Consistent staking plan
  • Betting with emotion on teams you like rather than teams that are profitable.
  • Following unimportant stats and following bad tipsters with bad long-term strategies.

Soccer FAQ’s

How do I read soccer odds? – Understanding the odds is crucial in making informed betting decisions. The odds are a representation of the likelihood of a particular outcome occurring, and are usually displayed in the format of “decimal odds” or “fractional odds”.

What is a moneyline bet in soccer? – A moneyline bet, also known as a “straight-up” bet, is a wager on which team will win the match. The odds will be represented as a positive or negative number, and the bettor will either be betting on the favorite or the underdog.

What is an Asian Handicap bet in soccer? – An Asian Handicap bet is a type of bet where a handicap is applied to the team considered the underdog to level the playing field. The handicap is represented as a half or full goal, and the bettor can either bet on the favorite to win by a certain margin or the underdog to either win or lose by a certain margin.

What is an Over/Under bet in soccer? – An Over/Under bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under a certain number.

What is a Correct Score bet in soccer? – A Correct Score bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on the exact final score of a match.

What is a Both Teams to Score bet in soccer? – A Both Teams to Score bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on whether both teams will score in a match.

What is a Double Chance bet in soccer? – A Double Chance bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on two possible outcomes in a match, such as a team winning or drawing.

What is a Half-time/Full-time bet in soccer? – A Half-time/Full-time bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on the result of the match at half-time and full-time.

What is a First Goal Scorer bet in soccer? – A First Goal Scorer bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on which player will score the first goal in a match.

What is a Total Goals bet in soccer? – A Total Goals bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on the total number of goals scored in a match.

What is a Draw No Bet in soccer? – A Draw No Bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on a team to win, but if the match ends in a draw, the bettor gets their stake back.

What is an Outright Bet in soccer? – An Outright Bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on the overall winner of a tournament or league.

What is a Futures bet in soccer? – A Futures bet is a type of bet where the bettor can wager on the outcome of an event that will happen in the future, such as the winner of a league or tournament.

What is a Prop bet in soccer? – A Prop bet is a type of bet that is not directly related to the outcome of a match, such as the total number of goals scored in a match or the number of yellow cards shown.

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