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Luca Fury has been an acclaimed professional sports bettor for over a decade. Fury first made his name as live radio analyst before taking his knowledge of combat sports to the betting window at the age of 21. After several years of success, including third-partly tracking and verification, he become an authority in the mixed martial arts betting world.

Now 32, many have labeled Luca Fury as the greatest MMA bettor of all time, including UFC commentators and fighters. Fury’s ability to not only pick winners, but also precisely predict how matchups would play out, garnered attention from the fighters themselves.

Fury has maintained over a 70% win rate as an MMA bettor and provides in-depth written and video analysis for all his MMA plays. He can be heard on his own podcast and The Rick Tittle show talking about the octagon.

He now works with UFC athletes — including champions — providing analysis, scouting reports and game plan suggestions.

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